Specialist Dentists Becktor og Becktor

2020-2120 | Bygherre: Specialtandlægerne Becktor og Becktor

Specialist Dental Clinic, Hellerup

Helleruphus, Strandvejen 102, was originally build by and for NESA. It is a finely detailed and well built office building. The orthodontic and surgical dental clinic consists of 2 surgical and 4 normal clinic rooms, sterile preparation area, X-ray, reception, office personel facilities and well as technical and support functions. The dentists were deeply involved in the project, from over-all layout to detailed choices of materials, surfaces and products. Larsens Tegnestue assisted with coordination between the Dentists, the Landlord, Contractors and Suppliers. And the project and detail specifications.

Photo: Mads Frederik Architectural Photography.