Contemporary learning

2017/2018 | Client: Next Education Copenhagen

Technical College, education and workshops:
Planning, lay-out and design of fixed furniture for NEXT Hairdresser and Cosmetician School

In 2018, NEXT Hairdresser and Cosmetician School moved to Rentemestervej 17, the North-West district of Copenhagen.

For a long while, the schools were located on Glentevej. The premises were, however, run-down, outdated and generally created an unfavourable learning environment. 

The ambition for the new school was to establish a contemporary learning environment.

In cooperation with NEXT, Larsens Tegnestue converted the 2,500 sqm to an attractive, functional and flexible learning space well-suited for hard daily wear. The college has high ceilings and rustic style training areas – for instance, we kept the exposed concrete surfaces where possible and allowed for the numerous installations to remain visible. The spaces now bustle with daily activity.

Larsens Tegnestue planned and designed the many different functions of the school; 190 hairdressing stations, backwash units, 31 beauty beds, class spaces, staff stations and -room, meeting rooms and a multi-purpose room with a catwalk and stage lighting for teaching, demonstrations and shows.

We also planned and designed the reception area including a shop for students and customers. The custom-designed reception desk with corresponding display cases were produced and fitted by the skilled carpenter/cabinetmaker apprentices.

We carried out the over-all planning in cooperation with NEXT Operations as well as the Hairdresser and Cosmetician educations.

The teaching and training spaces are comparatively heavy on installations – especially the workshop spaces. The project was coordinated with the general conversion of Rentemestervej 17 conduced by the owner, AKF-Holding and Arkitema Architects.