From industrial hall to creative studios

2016/2017 | Client: NEXT Education Copenhagen

Adaptation of industrial hall to studios for media related training:
Building regulatory proceedings, consulting, procurement og construction management

The industrial hall Hal C, on Rebslagervej 11 in the North-West district of Copenhagen, previously housed, for instance, the Carpentry and Joinery department.

NEXT wished to adapt the hall to study facilities for the training of film- og television production technicians, photographers and theatre, event and audiovisual technicians.

Larsens Tegnestue undertook the entire project from building regulatory procedures, consultancy and procurement to construction management. The project was carried out through separate trade contracts.

Studios place high technical and functional demands on design and facilities; acoustics, installations, full daylight shielding, ventilation and ceiling height. A construction of individual steel structures for stage systems was built. To take full advantage of the ceiling height, we designed the structure to follow the ceiling right up to the skylights.

We created a durable solution in line with the nature of both the educations and the building. Larsens Tegnestue decided, for instance, to allow for the numerous installations to remain visible, including the tubing for the ventilation system, and kept the concrete floor exposed.

The spaces support a wide range of facilities: theatre, television, sound, film and photo studios, cinema, edit room, scenography workshop, television van and staff office. In the basement of building B, toilets as well as changing and store rooms were installed.

Double walls were built between all the studios with a sound insulation meeting the school’s requirements for sound reduction. In the corridors, the lower part of the walls were sheeted with particle boards to protect against wear and tear.

Larsens Tegnestue worked on the projects in close cooperation with NIRAS (Engineering Consultants), NEXT and the production training teachers.