Headquarters – Implement Consulting Group

2012 | Client: Implement Consulting Group

Conversion of an old industrial building to a modern, dynamic project organisation:
Concept, design and construction management of Implement’s headquarters on Strandvejen 56

Strandvejen 56 was built in 1929 as part of Tuborg Brewery. It is a finely detailed and well-built three-story industrial building which, in addition to blacksmith workshops and laboratories, also housed Tuborg’s white-collar workers assembly hall.

In 2012, Implement Consulting Group, a leading Danish consultancy firms, asked Larsens Tegnestue for a proposal to convert the building into their headquarters.

Our project of designing Implement’s office in Hørsholm in 2005 provided us with an insight into their ambitious and challenging approach to process and space.

Larsens Tegnestue developed the concept for transforming Strandvejen 56 in accordance with Implement’s work flows and organisational culture – while emphasising the key characteristics of the building.

In close cooperation with Implement, we established a functional workspace with a wide diversity of work and meeting opportunities in attractive spaces that reflects Implement’s culture and values. For instance, Tuborg’s assembly hall was transformed into Implement’s central hub for lunching and socialising as well as main event space.

Larsens Tegnestue undertook the entire project from concept and design to project management, procurement and construction management. The project was carried out through separate trade contracts.               

Our office moved to the building site to manage the project and the contractors. Numerous decisions were taken on-site in close dialogue with the stakeholders.

Implement thrived and grew in their new space to the extent that by 2013, Larsens Tegnestue was asked to design an additional floor in the adjacent building on Strandvejen 58. 


Mads Frederik Architectural Photography photographed the construction and design process


Unfortunately, in April 2015, a fire destroyed large parts of Strandvejen 56 and the second chapter of the story about Strandvejen 56 were to be written: Rebuilding after fire.


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